I am a girl just awakening in my new canopy bed on Sunday morning. I lay listening as the March wind whistles around the air-conditioner my father decided to install in the window behind my headboard. When doing this, he had no idea ... read more


I awaken to the aroma of lavender and the intrusion of squeaky wheels.  Wedged beside my hospital bed, there’s a clear plastic bubble that resembles a miniature tub. The chatty nurse from Trinidad, the one with wooden beads woven ... read more


Plastic Shoes

Bennett Kane died watching reruns of I Love Lucy the episode with Lucy and Ethel on the assembly line, popping chocolates, their cheeks puffed like chipmunks ... read more

My Sin

Sonny is sprawled across the scratchy beige wool carpeting in the dark hallway. Stretching until she is completely flat and her muscles taut, she peers through the gap beneath the bathroom door ... read more


Stupid Cupid

On the night of Franny Tucker’s sweet sixteen party, held in the Tucker’s newly finished basement, Myrna Tucker, Franny’s mother, who had insisted on the 60’s Rock and Roll theme, got shot. Luckily, the shot was not fatal; actually, it didn’t even come from a gun. Mr. Tucker would never keep a gun in the same house ... read more

To Begin Again

There was once a little girl and a little boy who knew each other but not well. They stood at the same bus stop, went to the same school, and sat side by side in their fourth grade class. The little boy was strong for his age, not tall, but stocky. He had huge hands and he was always pulling the sleeves of his sweatshirt down as it crept up ... read more